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Now the world has some idea what Pippa Middleton’s form-fitting royal wedding gown was hiding.

A photo has emerged of Middleton wearing a bra and a skirt while dancing with a man wearing only boxers.

It’s unclear when the photo was taken.



Middleton isn’t the only one in her family who has had a photo scandal. Semi-nude photos of her brother James also have appeared.

After Pippa Middleton appeared last week at her sister Kate’s wedding to Prince William in the white gown, mesmerizing the male half of the 2 billion people watching around the world, social networking sites immediately went wild for her.

“Pippa Middleton looks absolutely stunning! I think I am in love,” was among other, less decorous, comments. Many immediately inquired, rather hopefully, whether she was single.

The answer seems to be no. She is reportedly dating Alex Loudon, an old Etonian former cricketer, who played once for England.

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Charlie Sheen Does What Ever He Wants, Including Kissing Men http://celebkiller.com/charlie-sheen-does-what-ever-he-wants-including-kissing-men/ http://celebkiller.com/charlie-sheen-does-what-ever-he-wants-including-kissing-men/#comments Tue, 22 Mar 2011 15:53:04 +0000 admin http://celebkiller.com/?p=6105 ]]>

It has been a quite few days for Charlie Sheen. So you know he had to do something to stay in the news.

Last night while Jimmy Kimmel was interviewing Mark Cuban, they started talking about Charlie Sheen.

“Charlie’s a smart guy. He doesn’t get near the credit that he deserves for being smart”, Cuban said. The same moment, Sheen himself erupted onto the set cursing and showing his T-shirts emblazoned with his own words:
“Duh, Winning!” and “I Have Tiger’s Blood in Me” to the audience.

Then he kissed Kimmel on his mouth saying “Your lips are very moist”.

Then Sheen told a disappointed audience “I can’t stay … sorry, I have a show to write, dammit!” He then reached into his bag and reminded Cuban that the billionaire had forgotten his Sheen merchandise when he visited the house earlier in the day.

Charlie does what ever he wants, he walks on shows and leaves when he is ready. He sets up comedy tours, even though he is not a comedian. He even hangs out with billionaires. Is he still #winning? We will see once he show begins. I for one thing is its going to be a crash and burn. You will see by the third show Charlie will have to be hospitalized for fatigue, the perfect escape route. What will be worst, you will not get your money refunded. Lets see if my prediction comes true or not.

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Michael Lohan Arrested In Domestic Violence Case http://celebkiller.com/michael-lohan-arrested-in-domestic-violence-case/ http://celebkiller.com/michael-lohan-arrested-in-domestic-violence-case/#comments Tue, 22 Mar 2011 15:36:10 +0000 admin http://celebkiller.com/?p=6101 ]]>

Lindsay is not the only Lohan running in trouble with the law. Total douche-bag and sometime father Michael Lohan was arrested yesterday on domestic violence charges. Lohan has been claiming that he wants to make things work out with his ex-wife Dina, but is still dating some chick who ended up calling the police on him.

Her claim is they got into an argument and he got physical.

According to sources close to the story:

Cops went out and tracked down Lohan — and arrested him on suspicion of domestic violence.
We’re told Lohan was taken to a nearby hospital to be checked for a medical condition unrelated to the alleged attack … but afterward, he’ll be taken to a Sheriff’s station to be booked.

When you trying to get back in with your family, getting arrested for beating up another woman is never the best route to go. Some people are just not meant to be fathers, or husbands, or even boyfriends for that matter.

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The Bedroom Is Where The Magic Happens W/ Danny Pudi http://celebkiller.com/the-bedroom-is-where-the-magic-happens-w-danny-pudi/ http://celebkiller.com/the-bedroom-is-where-the-magic-happens-w-danny-pudi/#comments Tue, 22 Mar 2011 15:19:23 +0000 admin http://celebkiller.com/?p=6098 ]]>

Ladies sometimes when a man says “this is where the magic happens” he means it. No I mean he really means it, like big coins coming out your ear and card tricks.

]]> http://celebkiller.com/the-bedroom-is-where-the-magic-happens-w-danny-pudi/feed/ 1 Chris Brown Loses His Mind On The Set Of “Good Morning America” http://celebkiller.com/chris-brown-loses-his-mind-on-the-set-of-good-morning-america/ http://celebkiller.com/chris-brown-loses-his-mind-on-the-set-of-good-morning-america/#comments Tue, 22 Mar 2011 15:01:49 +0000 admin http://celebkiller.com/?p=6094

This just happened a little while ago. It has been reported that R&B singer Chris Brown exploded in rage behind the scenes at “Good Morning America” this morning. He allegedly smashed a window and stormed out without a shirt. The whole thing was triggered by on-air questions about, and you already see this coming don’t you, the now infamous Rihanna incident.

So Chris had just performed and was being interviewed by GMA host Robin Roberts live from the Times Square studio. Roberts began to ask about what happened with Rihanna that night (because face it what else are you going to ask this kid) wand Chris freaked out, stormed into his dressing room and began screaming so loud, that security had to be called.

And if you think we are lying he is the tweet that CB sent out shortly after the whole thing went down:

He has since deleted the Tweet.

This guy is a long way from getting back his Spearmint gum commercials. He needs to go back to anger management class for starters. What the hell is wrong with this kid? You would think that if he didn’t want to answer the question, he just wouldn’t talk. Smashing windows and then running out side with no shirt on like he is in a bad episode of “Cops”? Another self destructive celeb. Nothing new here at all.

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Haitian Police Confirm, What Celebkiller Announced Yesterday! http://celebkiller.com/haitian-police-confirm-what-celebkiller-announced-yesterday/ http://celebkiller.com/haitian-police-confirm-what-celebkiller-announced-yesterday/#comments Tue, 22 Mar 2011 14:48:57 +0000 admin http://celebkiller.com/?p=6090 ]]>

We reported yesterday that Wyclef was released from a hospital in Haiti after claims of being shot in the hand. We also pointed out that our sources said he cut his hand opening a bottle of champaign (cause you know how rappers love to floss, even among the poorest people on earth). Today it was reported that Haitian police are down-playing the violence by stating that the New Jersey rapper suffered only a minor cut to his hand from glass in an apparent accident.

“We met with the doctor who saw him and he confirmed Wyclef was cut by glass,” Vanel Lacroix, police chief in Petionville where Jean is staying, told Reuters.

So there it is. Trust us sometimes. We won’t lead you in the wrong direction. This is Celebkiller, its what we do.

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Darrell Revis Makes It Clear, He Is Not With Oliva http://celebkiller.com/darrell-revis-makes-it-clear-he-is-not-with-oliva/ http://celebkiller.com/darrell-revis-makes-it-clear-he-is-not-with-oliva/#comments Tue, 22 Mar 2011 14:38:26 +0000 admin http://celebkiller.com/?p=6085 ]]>

A while back we talked about the first episode of Love and Hip Hip, VH1′s newest reality show about women gold digging their way to the top. On the premier, former G-Unit rapper Oliva claimed she was dating Jet’s player Darrell Revis. It was a really funny statement because later that night Revis Tweeted that he was not with Oliva.

Remember This?!?!

See it was funny because the show was shot last summer, so it was possible that maybe Revis just wasn’t with her know and wanted to make it clear. But oh, that was not the case. On the second episode we found out that Oliva was not with the ball player for over a year at the time of shooting. In fact Revis says they had not even spoken in months.

Watch a person get caught in a lie:

Oliva is crazy for that one. I guess being on the reality show was not enough. She had to hype her name up even more. Stay tuned to see how she reacted when she is called out on her lie.

Oh another note, it is kind of funny that Fabolous’s baby mother is trying to start some drama about this. We already showed a video where he made it clear that she is not his lady at all. All these chicks are deranged.

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Prosecuter Of Bruno Mars Cocaine Case, Arrested For Cocaine Possession http://celebkiller.com/prosecuter-of-bruno-mars-cocaine-case-arrested-for-cocaine-possession/ http://celebkiller.com/prosecuter-of-bruno-mars-cocaine-case-arrested-for-cocaine-possession/#comments Tue, 22 Mar 2011 14:17:47 +0000 admin http://celebkiller.com/?p=6082 ]]>

This is has got to be the strangest twist of fate ever. The Las Vegas District Attorney who prosecuted not only Bruno Mars but also Paris Hilton in their cocaine possession cases, has been arrested for, and we are not making this up, cocaine possession. The lawyer’s name is David Schubert and he was busted on Saturday night.

According to sources Schubert was booked and released from the Clark County Detention Center.

Bruno Mars reached a deal in his cocaine case, and is currently on probation for the charge. He received Pre-Trial intervention, which means as long as he stays out of trouble he record will be wiped clean.

Schubert on the other hand will probably get the sweetest deal of all time. Basically anyone who prosecutes him will be his co-worker. Well hopefully that is, I mean he could get stuck with some hot-shot kid who is out to prove himself. At least he will finally know what the people he tries to put behind bars feel like.

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Photos Of Tiger Woods’ New Lady http://celebkiller.com/photos-of-tiger-woods-new-lady/ http://celebkiller.com/photos-of-tiger-woods-new-lady/#comments Mon, 21 Mar 2011 15:35:52 +0000 admin http://celebkiller.com/?p=6074 ]]>

Tiger loves those blondes. Her name is Alyse Lahti Johnston and according to Radar Online, the 22 year old has been spending a lot of time with Tiger Woods lately. Stay tuned as her name is somehow dragged through the mud and destroyed. We all know the media loves to make a new name house-hold famous. Especially when it comes to dating a celebrity.

For the record she looks decent on the right, but on the left she looks really bad. I think Tiger could do a lot better

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Worst Rock Band Ever Bores The Hell Out Of Some Kids http://celebkiller.com/worst-rock-band-ever-bores-the-hell-out-of-some-kids/ http://celebkiller.com/worst-rock-band-ever-bores-the-hell-out-of-some-kids/#comments Mon, 21 Mar 2011 15:23:40 +0000 admin http://celebkiller.com/?p=6072 ]]>

Ok I will save you the trouble of hearing this horrible music all the way through. Forward to around 1:30 to get the laugh.

Terrible Metal Band “Rocks” Elementary School – Watch more Funny Videos

The kids have no reaction. They look like they would rather be in class learning about math. See that’s funny cause no one likes to learn about math.

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