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Referee Catches Volleyball Spike With Face – Watch more Funny Videos

This HAD to hurt!

Just stop talking already…

Speaking to ET, Josh explained his embarrassment in regards to the whole airplane fiasco…

“I messed up. I feel like an idiot because of it,” said the 38-year-old actor…

“I meant no disrespect to the crew or the flight attendant or any of the people that were on the plane,” said Duhamel. “That’s just not the person I try to be, and I just wanted a chance to apologize to the people that were affected by it.

“I probably need to check myself into ‘BlackBerries Anonymous.’”

Good one.

Oh please let this be true…

Party of Five and Scream actress Neve Campbell, 37, recently announced her divorce from actor John Light, and she has since been spotted out and about in New York City enjoying the single life. According to Us Weekly, some of her time has been spent with Isaiah Mustafa, 36, the guy who stars in those hilarious Old Spice ads. “They’re dating,” a source says. “Neve is really happy.”

The newly-single Neve made her first public appearance in New York at her good pal Quentin Tarantino’s Friars Club Roast on Dec. 1. Scream 4, the long-awaited next chapter in the movie franchise that made her a household name, hits screens in 2011.

Mustafa, a pro football player who played for the Tennessee Titans, Oakland Raiders, Cleveland Browns and Seattle Seahawks, is now focusing on acting–and his career is heating up. He’ll next appear as a cop in Horrible Bosses, a comedy starring Jennifer Aniston, Colin Farrell, Jason Bateman and Jamie Foxx.

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Stuart Hughes, the Liverpool jeweler known for his diamond-studded gadgets, has unveiled his newest creation, which includes a 65 million year old Tyrannosaurus Rex tooth.

Hughes’ new iPhone 4 History edition includes a bezel set with 8.5 internally flawless diamonds, with the rear Apple logo made of diamond and platinum. The rear also includes the tooth and pre-polished “meteoric stone,” both found in Arizona.

“I have worked with dinosaur in the past but I wanted to go fierce on this one,” Hughes said in a statement. “Hence we [included] a tooth. It doesn’t come more fierce than that.”

The price is £39,995, or $63,000. Ten are available.

Will you be getting one?

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Killer Links

December 10, 2010 · 1 comment

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Well that was quick…

Despite recent reports that the troubled actress might be following up her stint in rehab with a competitors’ spot on the popular dance competition, Lohan’s rep tells Gossip Cop that it just isn’t so. According to the rep,

“Lindsay Lohan is not doing Dancing with the Stars. The story is false.”

Well we all know how valid “comments according to her rep” are, so I guess we w’ll just have to wait and see…

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Check it out and enter!

So it looks like the famous Playboy empire is starting to come crumbling down little by little, as Hef has started to sell off the mansions art…

CBC News Reports:

Tom Wesselmann’s iconic pop art image of a smiling, lipsticked mouth fetched nearly $1.9 million US at an auction of artwork from the offices of Playboy magazine.

The Christie’s auction — dubbed The Year of the Rabbit: The Playboy Collection — saw more than 100 artworks featured in the famed men’s lifestyle periodical cross the block in New York on Wednesday.

The 1966 painting Mouth #8, which the magazine commissioned from Wesselmann, sold for $1,874,500 US (all prices include buyer’s premium), just shy of the low end of its pre-sale estimate.

“I chose to do a huge cutout mouth in order to isolate and make more intense the one body part that has a high degree of both sexual and expressive connotations — but then painted a mouth with low degrees of each quality, to keep it, like the [Playboy] Playmate, somewhat glossy yet inviting,” the artist told the magazine in 1967.

Des anyone even care about this place anymore?  I’ve seen some pictures from recent parties, and it does not look pretty…

It looks like Stern has hit the home stretch in his illustrious career, as TMZ reports that the self proclaimed ‘shock jock’ himself will be leaving radio for good after his new deal with Sirius has expired…

With only four more days on his existing contract after this morning’s show, Stern announced he’ll stay on his Sirius/XM radio station for another five years — and after that, he’s done.

“I have come to the conclusion that the real innovators, the real geniuses are the people here at Sirius,” said Stern, adding “I can say with almost certainty that this is my final five years on radio.”

He didn’t disclose how much he’d be getting from his new deal, except to say it was “very fair.”

Stern also said the contract statuses of Howard’s staff, which includes Robin QuiversFred Norris and Baba Booey are all still pending.

Since his announcement, Sirius has seen a HUGE surge in their subscription level, as minutes after Stern revealed his plans to stick with Sirius for another 5 years — customer service reps tell us they were overwhelmed by calls from listeners who wanted to sign up for new accounts.

It’s said that “hundreds” of callers were also interested in “re-activating” accounts that had been placed on hold due to the uncertainty of Stern’s return.

Stern still reigns…